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Howard and Claire OWEN Artisans d'Art working in reconstituted marble.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of subjects from miniatures, animals and Buddhas through to large busts and decorative pieces, cats are our speciality.

We produce hand finished statues using our own unique bonding method. We feel our product has the quality of a highly polished cut statue but at a price that everyone can afford.

All our statues are made from powdered marble, this is a natural product and because of the grains and stones/quartz that it contains, it is subject to variations in colour and texture. Each piece has its own unique colour variation.

We use white marble from Carrera in Italy and our green, black and grey marble comes exclusively from Saint Béat in the Pyrenees.

Our prices are priced in Euros since we are currently creating in Europe.

Prices and Delivery.
Due to an increase in delivery costs we have been forced change our delivery costs.
Our standard costs are;
up to 10€ value of order shipping is 5€
between 10€ to 40€ value of order shipping is 25€
between 40€ to 100€ value of order shipping is 20€
between 100€ to 200€ value of order shipping is 20€

This should cover all shipping costs world wide, if they work out significantly cheaper we will reimburse you the difference, now we can't be fairer than that can we?

We are happy to hear from companies or persons wishing to take on this product wholesale.