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Ref XG6.
Lovely buste in reconstituted marble, Moe is a small but good piece in an Art Deco style as you can see from her headband. She weighs around 2Kg.

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Ref XG7.
Lovely buste in reconstituted marble, Grace lives up her name and her features are beautifuly detailed. She weighs around 20Kg.
She is taken from the bust by the french sculptor Emmanuelle VILLANIS.

325 €uros

Ref XG2.
Art Deco style pair of panthers in the manner of Trudeau the french sculptor. Available in both White and Black reconstituted marble. If you feel you would like to have other colour options or to mix the che choices i.e. one in white and one in black contact us to see what can be done. Most things are possible with a little time.

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Ref XG11.
New Pair of decorative Wall hanging plaques in reconstituted marble, Les Fleurs/ The Flowers are Art Deco in Style their features are beautifully detailed. Each one weighs around 2.4Kg. Price 175€ for the Pair.

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Ref XG10.
Our newest buste is Ceres the godess of agriculture. this is a classical style buste. She mesures 25 cms high and weighs aproximatly 2kg100g.

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Ref XG1.
Semi- nude, full figure female buste in reconstituted marble with seperate hexagonal base, the top and base together create a harmonious line. Elegance is beautifuly detailed in a 1920's art deco style. She weighs around 5.5kg and the base weighs around 7 kgs. The two pieces are included in the price you see.


Ref XG9.
Buste Bohémienne a good 1920's style piece, shown here in black marble from the Pyrenes. She also come in Grey ( pyrennes) and White (Carrera) She mesures 28cms in height et she weighs 2Kg 200g aproximatly.

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Ref B1.
Female lioness resting on a rock in the manner of Masson the french sculptor.

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Ref XG4.
Lovely buste in reconstituted marble, Poppy or Memory as we sometimes call her is a small but good piece in an Art Deco style as you can see from her head wear. She weighs around 1kg.